Frequently Asked Questions2020-06-24T17:52:41-04:00


What is Crown Asset Management?2020-06-04T20:32:49-04:00

Crown Asset Management, LLC is a Certified Professional Receivables Company and debt purchasing firm with extensive experience acquiring distressed consumer receivables. We purchase account portfolios from originating creditors and other businesses after they have been unable to collect on past due balances. 

After accounts are purchased, they are placed with our outsourced network of collection agencies and attorneys who contact consumers to resolve the account balance.

Why am I being told to call another company if Crown Asset Management owns my account?2020-06-04T20:33:31-04:00

After purchasing account portfolios, Crown Asset Management places all accounts into our outsourced network of collection agencies and law firms. These servicers contact consumers and work directly with the consumers to resolve accounts.

Can I send payment directly to Crown Asset?2020-06-11T23:15:59-04:00

We encourage consumers to send all payments to our outsourced collection agency and law firm servicer that most recently contacted you. Because all collection matters are handled by Crown Asset Management’s network, we ask that consumers communicate directly with the assigned collection agency or law firm handling the account. 


What should I do if the debt doesn’t belong to me?2020-06-04T20:34:37-04:00

Each collection agency or law firm assigned to handle the account has processes in place for managing dispute and fraud claims. Consumers should contact the outsourced collection agency or law firm handling the account for additional information on how to submit a dispute or fraud claim.

How do I prove that my account has been settled?2020-06-04T20:37:39-04:00

In the event that an account has been settled, consumers may contact the company that accepted the settlement to obtain confirmation.  The confirmation should then be provided to the outsourced collection agency or law firm servicing  their account.  

What is the phone number for Crown Asset Management?2020-06-10T01:27:10-04:00

Consumers can call our office number using the toll-free phone number for Crown Asset Management: 866-696-4442




What are the hours of operation for Crown Asset Management?2020-06-04T20:36:53-04:00

Our office is open Monday – Friday from 8am to 4pm ET.

What should I do if I am the victim of Identity Theft?2020-06-12T22:07:02-04:00

If you believe you have been the victim of Identity Theft we request you contact the collection agency or law firm servicing your account to discuss their process for reporting the situation. We also encourage consumers to review the identity theft information available on the Federal Trade Commission website.