DULUTH, GA – Crown Asset Management is taking a look back at the team growth of 2022 and the opportunities to recognize and celebrate some of the many positive contributions from team members. 

Each year, we’re humbled by the talent that continues to bloom and evolve amongst the team. We would not be who we are, or where we are, without our determined and dedicated team. Working with these strong individuals causes me to constantly remind myself how fortunate I am to have such an experienced and talented team here at CAM. I sincerely appreciate all they do to make CAM great.” – Brian Williams, CEO of Crown Asset Management.

Employees of the Month

While all team members’ contributions are appreciated, CAM decided this summer to introduce the “CAMmy Award,” a monthly employee award recognizing and celebrating team members who stood out for embodying the core values of Crown Asset Management: Excellence, Integrity, Reliability, Respect, Teamwork, and Leadership. After each month concludes, team members vote, results are tallied, and winners are announced. In 2022, the winners included:

  • Dave Ross, Senior Compliance Specialist
  • Sarah Pittman, Legal Services Manager
  • Bryce Thomas, Senior IT Analyst
  • Amy Mitchell, Legal Operations

Team Player Awards

In addition to monthly awards, CAM also began a quarterly award program in 2022. These individuals were nominated by their colleagues for consistently demonstrating particular CAM core values in action throughout the quarter. Winners this year included: 

  • Sarah Pittman, Legal Services Manager — Integrity
  • Wendy Rowland, Compliance Auditor — Leadership
  • Lisa Vee, Director of Operations — Leadership
  • Glen Grillo, VP of Operations — Teamwork
  • Wade Haddad, Operations/Inventory Management Lead — Reliability


Much of the Crown Asset Management (CAM) team has been fortunate enough to have worked together for quite some time. In recognition of years of service, CAM celebrated work anniversaries for all those with 5+ years of service

5+ Years

o    5 years – Matt Zatezalo, Operations Support Specialist
o    5 years – Laura Powers, Senior Accountant         
o    8 Years – Glen Grillo, VP of Operations
o    7 Years – Deb Tucker, VP of Audit & Compliance
o    6 Years – Lisa Waldrop, VP of Legal Services
o    6 Years – Scott Arnold, CFO
o    6 Years – Lana Taylor, Relationship Manager
o    6 Years – Carol Shaw, Senior Accountant
o    6 Years – Uvonda Brooks, Operations Support Specialist
o    5 Years – Sarah Pittman, Legal Services Manager
o    5 Years – Sage Cox, Media Specialist
o    5 Years – Leah Ri, Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis
o    5 Years – Bekah Luebcke, VP of Operations
o    5 Years – Lisa Rozzelle, Relationship Manager

10+ Years                                                                                                            

o    11 Years – Linda Dameron, Director of Consumer Accounting                                                              
o    10 Years – Jessica Kagansky, SVP of Operations

15+ Years                                                                                                                  

o    16 Years – Brad Dameron, VP of Information Technology
o    15 Years – Rochelle Kline, Controller

Industry Contributors

Crown Asset Management would also like to recognize some of the leadership that team members have contributed to various industry organizations throughout the year. Crown is honored to take part in industry events and be a part of building the future of the receivables industry. While this does not cover every engagement, here are just a few engagements of note: 

  • Bob Deter, VP of Business Development, spoke on a panel about Debt Sales at the Opal Group Summit on Innovations in Lending, Alternative Financing, Fintech & Private Credit;
  • Bekah Luebcke, VP of Operations, spoke on a panel about FinTech at the NCBA Fall Conference;
  • Jessica Kagansky, SVP of Operations, was elected to the Georgia Collectors Association Board of Directors;
  • Lisa Rozzelle, Relationship Manager, and Bekah Luebcke were speakers at the Women in Consumer Finance conference.

Regrettably, Crown Asset Management cannot adequately express individual recognition and gratitude to every CAM team member in one article but is incredibly grateful for a phenomenal team, more recognitions, and a bright future in 2023!

About Crown Asset Management

Founded in 2004, Crown Asset Management, LLC, is a professional receivables management firm that outsources purchased accounts to a nationwide, proprietary network of collection agencies and law firms. Utilizing a cutting-edge predictive analytical model during pre-purchase portfolio due diligence, our team focuses on achieving appropriate financial returns while ensuring the best possible experience for consumers. We are an RMAI Certified Receivables Business headquartered in Duluth, GA.